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3 Signs You'd Be Happier With a New Job

FRIDAY, Dec. 1, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then. But if you often wake up dreading heading to your job, it's time to consider why you're unhappy and if a job switch is the best solution.

Researchers have found that job happiness is a balance between responsibilities and resources. You might have a heavy workload or demanding deadlines. But if you have tools and support along with the authority to make decisions, you'll have greater job satisfaction, according to a study published in the journal Industrial Health.

Here are some keys to job satisfaction:

  • Workplace resources.

  • Support from upper management.

  • Decision-making ability.

On the other hand, three things in particular lead to job unhappiness.

  • Lack of support from your boss/supervisor.

  • Conflicts with co-workers.

  • Inability to use skills you've acquired.

If these issues are ongoing and causing you stress, asking for workplace accommodations may help. If you feel like you're being micro-managed, talk to your supervisor about being able to work at your own pace and organize tasks yourself.

Also, changing your work schedule, mentoring an associate and continuing your education are three steps that might re-invigorate you.

Finally, find ways to unwind when you get home. Having better balance in your personal life can give you an energy boost to take to work.

If these options aren't possible or don't give you greater job satisfaction, it may be time to think about a change.

More information

AARP has advice on how to talk to your boss so you can be happier and more productive at your job.

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